Ranch Life

If you're looking for a genuine ranch experience for your Montana vacation, you're in the right place.  At High Tower Ranch, you can play with the goats, laugh at our pigs, pet the horses, help feed our menagerie, cheer-on the ropers and barrel racers and explore in the garden.  We enjoy sharing the experience of our rural lifestyle and hope you'll appreciate the simple joys of ranch life as much as we do.  

The Farm Animals

We have a wonderful variety of farm animals including kunekune pigs, chickens of diverse lineage, ducks, goats, horses, and, from time-to-time we have sheep.  We also have three male peacocks who think they are chickens, except when they decide to fly over the fence.  You are welcome to help us feed our critters or just enjoy watching their activities around the farmyard.  

The Garden

Every summer, Carol grows assorted vegetables and herbs in her gardens.  Fresh is always best in the kitchen and Carol enjoys picking from her backyard produce for her culinary creations.  

Roping & Barrel Racing

Nearly every week during the summer months, High Tower Ranch hosts roping and barrel racing competitions at its arena and contestants often drive over 100 miles to the Ranch.  Roping and barrel racing are popular, traditional activities on Montana ranches and High Tower Ranch is pleased that so many ropers and racers choose to compete at the arena.  The action typically starts at about 6pm and often runs until dark.  Candy and Layne Wilcox organize the programs.  Steve works with the roping stock, moves barrels and takes turns with Layne driving the drag tractor.  Carol sells tasty burgers, fries and other refreshments to the participants, their families and spectators from the Ruby Valley community. It's a fun way to spend a summer evening!

Keeping Up The Spread

"Keeping Up The Spread" is a local way of saying ranch maintenance.  Steve is busy every day maintaining the many buildings and sheds, fixing fence, doctoring animals and plenty of other tasks required to keep High Tower Ranch in top running order.  If you're curious about what goes into maintaining a family ranch, you're welcome to follow Steve around while he's working through his projects. 

High Tower Ranch

819 Middle Road

Twin Bridges, MT 59754

(406) 684-5142